Sunday 2 June 2013

Oca True Seed Progress.

What little true seed that I managed to collect last autumn was sown in mid March, and here is the result so far...
...not a flush, but a long slow ongoing trickle of germinating seedlings. The difference this year, is that I surface sowed the seed, and it seems to have improved success, with the first emerging after four weeks, and no end in sight so far at ten weeks. They had artificial heat to start with, but for the last six weeks have been in an unheated greenhouse, with temperatures oscillating wildly from over 30°C to near freezing. Who am I to know, maybe this is helping.

Meanwhile, last year's true seed success story, IOW2, gets its first chance to grow from tubers. Here it is about to be planted out amongst the outdoor cordon tomatoes.

The soil is still very poor, but we'll see how they do.

Incidentally, I've settled on a quick and easy overwinter storage method for tubers; in autumn I just drop them into multicell trays, add dry compost on top, and leave them to it. It makes sense when there are lots of varieties to keep track of, since the cells can easily be labeled, and it's a simple matter to just start watering when shoots emerge, and they turn into plug plants...


  1. Hello, fantastic website you have here. I have a quick question concerning oca propagation. I just came across some tubers which I would like to grow, however it is nearing end of August here in California. Would you suggest I store them until next spring, or try to pop them i the ground and see if I can get a small crop in the months remaining of this season?

    1. Hi Anthropogen. You should be able to get some small tubers this year if you get them straight into the ground. Water well initially to get them started, and keep them frost free for as long as possible. Any tubers you get will be small, but will keep overwinter without any problems.

  2. Excellent, you have given me lots of ideas. Love the use of multicell trays, I think it should work for tps mini tubers too.