Sunday, 8 April 2012

I've Moved! New Start, New Land

Well, I've said goodbye to the big smoke, and moved to a small farm on the Isle of Wight.

The place has been neglected for many years...
...but it's a glorious location, and there's seven acres of land. Some is fair quality (here's the view from the front door)...
... while some is wetland. What do you think of my ditch-digging?
I promise myself generously wide paths, and a few new tools to suit the more extensive cultural methods than I can now luxuriate in.

There's just the little problem of voles, rats, rabbits, pigeons, moles... ... to deal with before crops are safe.
Work in progress!


  1. You lucky lucky sod, great climate on the IOW. Have fun.

    1. I would credit self-determination for this one, not luck :-)

  2. Wow..
    good luck and fair weather to you... may all your hard work be rewarded,

    used to have family on the IOW.. its a great place.

  3. well, the moles shouldn't be a problem for the crops. As a biologist I can say they are carnivores and dont go after plants. Might indicate that you have to watch out for other criters eating your crops, the ones moles live on ;)

    1. Ah, but moles undermine plants, and frustrate the scythe. Worse still, they eat my precious earthworms. A few are not a problem, but I have too many to tolerate.