Sunday, 15 January 2012

Yacon 'Fiorella' Goes to Market

For the last couple of years I've been lucky enough to obtain pre-release samples of "Fiorella", a recently bred fast-maturing variety of yacon from Paul at
It's the variety that I've used in the 'All-tuber-mound', and 'Not the Three Sisters' planting schemes, and such is the superiority of Fiorella that I've now abandoned the white variety that I grew previously.

Here are a few of the edible tubers...
... and a shot of a typical root crown...
If your garden is prone to early frost, this variety could still work for you; it's said to be able to crop in 160 days. Certainly I've seen it tuberise by early September.

And it makes a very handsome border plant...
Anyway, the good news is that Paul has multiplied up his stock to the point that he can now make propagules available for sale. And if you just want the edible tubers, he sells those too.

This link will take you directly to the on-line ordering:
(not to be confused with which is a yacon syrup importer).


  1. A place selling Yacon whose stock hasn't been eaten by rabbits!! Been wanting to try the red one :)
    Thanks for the oca etc! Really fantastic, cant wait to start growing it all :D
    Out of interest, how many varieties of oca do you grow?

  2. What's the difference between Yakon to eat and Yakon to grow, except the price ?

  3. Yacon to eat is big and tasty and cannot be propagated from. Yacon to grow are the small knobbly bodies which form round the top of the crown.

  4. Howdy!
    Do you know of a source within the US for Red Yacon?

  5. Do you know of any sources in New Zealand? Alternatively would you consider posting a couple of the seeds/caudices to New Zealand?

    1. Hi Alex, I know that yacon is grown in NZ, probably including red varieties like this one, so it should be possible for you to find a source. NZ biosecurity rules make it very difficult for me to send you caudices. Good luck with the search though.

  6. Anyone know of sources of Yacon propagation materials in India?

  7. Anyone know where I can get fiorella yakon caudices? has disappeared and I loved the variety however I have lost my plants :(